Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My favourite household products

Earth Choice products.
These are Australian cleaning products made from plant derivatives. I especially love the Multi-Purpose spray. It smells a little like pear juice but very faint, and I use it several times a day on my benches in the kitchen, and when I clean the bathroom sink area. I also love their washing detergents and clothes wash. They're biodegradable and smell very fresh. These products will clean anything and leave your place smelling fresh, without harming the environment.

Pine O Cleen disinfectant
Pine O Cleen leaves your floors smelling delicious and feeling clean. I especially love the Pot Pourri fragrance for my tiles.

Air Wick Sparkling Citrus spray
This product makes visits to the bathroom sweeter and its citrus fragrance is heavenly. My husband suggested it and I never thought I'd want my bathroom to smell like lemons and oranges but it's actually ideal. It gives a very clean and crisp note.

Jif Cream Cleanser
My mum always used Jif, but in the powder form. Now I love the new cream cleansers, especially the lemon one in the yellow container. They smell fresh and give just enough scuff to get the stubborn marks out of the bathroom.


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